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13 Rivers Trust

13 Rivers Trust are an energetic and dynamic charity which focuses its work around needy individuals, young people and communities left behind by mainstream society. 13 Rivers Trust celebrate the contribution made by our elders and emulate their good practice of helping others and create new opportunities through which hope will be given. 13 Rivers Trust is a registered charity (1161219) and company (9300481).

The provisions of the organisation are delivered by local people who have grown up within the communities 13 Rivers Trust operates in. The organisation is responsive to the needs of these communities and is at the same time shaped by them.

Sylhet Aid is a programme of 13 Rivers Trust.


The name of our charity derives from Bengali folklore. The first generation of Bangladeshi people often expressed ‘crossing seven oceans and thirteen rivers’ to reach the UK. Their descendants today have chosen the name of the charity after this expression as a way of honouring their sacrifice. Our motivation is to preserve the positive legacies of our parents and of generations gone by.


To transform the lives of individuals and leave lasting legacies.


We want to enhance dignity, care and respect for older people as well as promote social justice and sustainable livelihoods for disadvantaged communities.


1. Dignity and Care
2. Respect and Compassion
3. Social Justice
4. Culturally Inclusive
5. Open and Transparent

Our Work

Eden Care UK

We want to improve the quality care for people who are terminally ill and reaching End of Life.

Muslim Burial Fund

We want to bury Muslims in need with dignity and in accordance with their wishes and faith.

Sylhet Aid

To deliver aid to the poorest community in the Greater Sylhet region and provide poverty alleviation to those in need.

Rescue an Orphan

We want to support orphans within their communities and keep them safe.

Future Work

Young People

We want to empower and support young people to advance in life through the provision of recreation and leisure time activities as well as developing their skills, capacities and capabilities.

End Poverty

We want to relieve the needs of those who are disadvantaged by poverty, ill health, age or other socio-economic factors.

History and Heritage

We want to preserve the history, culture and heritage of the British Bangladeshi community living in the UK by providing an online museum.

Community Cohesion

We want to promote knowledge, mutual understanding and respect of the beliefs and practices of different religious faiths.

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