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In January 2021 we completed our first Orphan’s Home in Greater Sylhet Bangladesh. The money was donated by the family of one of our patrons of 13 Rivers Trust, who sadly passed away from terminal illness. Brother Shahin passed away last year, his wife and son raised money for an orphan home, as a SadaqahJariyah (continuous charity) for him.

The Rescue Orphan’s team in Bangladesh designed a low budget home, made of concrete with a tin roof, consisting of two bedrooms, indoor kitchen, bathroom and a deep water well outside. This way the family have access to clean and fresh water. The house was donated to two orphaned siblings who we sponsor already. A plaque with Brother Shahin’s name and the charities name was placed on the house, this house signifies the beginning of this new programme of 13 Rivers Trust.

As part of our long term plan for the Rescue Orphans Programme, we are building safe and secure homes for orphaned children, we are currently sponsoring. If you would like to support us and build homes for orphans, as a SadaqahJaariya for your loved ones, please contact us.

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